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    2019 FCFL Power Rankings

    1. Miami Chiefs 4-1-1 1
    2. Orlando Phantoms 5-0-1 2
    3. West Coast Soldiers 5-1-0 3
    4. Pompano Beach Outlaws 5-0-1 4
    5. South Dade Immortals 4-1-1 5
    6. Space Coast Tar Heels 4-1-1 6
    7. Dade County Raiders 2-3-1 7
    8. Florida War Eagles 4-1-1 8
    9. Miracle City Cougars 4-2-0 10
    10. Broward Barracudas 2-4-0 13
    11. Lee County Tigers 2-3-1 11
    12. Central Florida Bulls 4-2-0 9
    13. Bay Area Reapers 1-5-0 12
    14. Palm Beach Cowboys 1-5-0 16
    15. Polk County Rise 0-5-1 17
    16. Miami Saints 3-3-0 14
    17. Largo Raiders 0-5-1 18
    18. South Florida Vultures 1-4-1 15

    Florida Champion Football League

    The Florida Champion Football League (FCFL) is a non-profit organization of adult amateur American minor league football teams. The FCFL is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida, and has member teams from around the State of Florida.

    The regular season is an eleven (11) week schedule during which each team has one bye week and plays ten (10) games. Each team will play all other teams in their division once, and likewise for all other teams outside the division within the conference and/or league. The season has a "tentative" start date of February 1st, and will run thru May.

    The FCFL requires all of its member teams to be registered as a non-profit organization with the Division of Corporations in their respective state. All teams must have a functional and up-to-date website, and a game field for their home games that meets FCFL minimum standards. Team owners are required to attend league meetings, and are encouraged to participate in league sanctioned events, and committees.

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    Phone: 954-709-6301

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